• Devoting less time to cleaning means there is more time for you. You can finish your chores early and head to the spa. However, you do not need a vacation day with Caldrea products. They make cleaning quick and effective while pampering you. Washing dishes becomes a relaxing experience with these all natural, aromatic products.

    Cleaning becomes a favorite pastime when using essential oils and plant based ingredients. These products are potent without including chemicals and offer benefits to you and your linens. Choose fragrances that appeal to your senses. The Ginger Pomelo Dish Soap Liquid provides the invigorating smell of ginger and uses bark extract to degrease dishes. A few drops easily removes grime while you bask in the scent and sensation.

    The Basil Blue Sage Countertop Cleanser is another favorite product and appeals to anyone who enjoys earthy smells and clean kitchens. Surfaces made of granite, steel, ceramic and more are no challenge, and a vegetable protein extract removes odors.

    Caldrea makes it possible to tidy up fast or turn chores into a luxurious experience. The all natural products and fresh smells make your clean home even better.